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Do I pay to get in?

Heatherton World of Activities is free to enter the site, with the choice of purchasing passes for who ever would like to join in on the activities. Our Free Admission policy allows adults the option of a free day out where they can purely spectate and enjoy watching the kids.

How does it work?

We operate on a credit pass system. You can either purchase a pass for each person, which is ideal if only a couple of people would like to take part. Or you can buy a family pass, which can then be shared by the whole family.

How much is it?

The passes that you purchase per person start from £13.50 and the shared family passes start at £62.50, which is based on average around a family of four doing activities. The family passes can also be used over multiple days as they are valid for 6 months, providing flexibility for our visitors.

Can I purchase credit passes online?

Yes, you can purchase passes online. You also gain a 10% discount by purchasing online, when compared to purchasing on the day.

What passes are best for me?

For example, if you are looking to take part on the activities as a family or a group, you can purchase one of the family/group shared passes. The shared group passes are valid for 6 months, so can be used up over multiple days.

For example, if you have just a couple of people or children taking part on the activities, it may be a better idea to purchase an individual pass per person. You can choose between 6, 8 & 10 credits, depending on how many activities you would like to do. The individual/per person passes are just valid for the day of redemption.

What happens if we run out of credits on the day?

You can simply top up your credit passes on the day, so there is no need to panic.

What age is Heatherton good for?

Heatherton caters for children as young as 3 years up to adults, with a mixture of kids Adventure, Family Fun and Adrenaline activities all on one convenient site.

Are there things to do for younger children etc?

Heatherton has spent the last 6 years developing the site with the introduction of numerous activities to cater for younger children, which include a driving school, jumping pillows, themed outdoor adventure play, 4x4 Landrovers and much more.

Are there activities for adults to do?

Heatherton caters for adults as much as children, with a mixture of activities that range from go-karts, baseball and paintball to archery, zorbing and golf. The park also offers corporate and team building packages, with tailor-made activity options available to promote group team work.

Is Heatherton dog Friendly?

Heatherton is unique, as we accept dogs on site. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, unless you take them into the exciting dog agility section, where they can be let loose to take on the agility obstacles.

What can you eat on site?

There are a few options for eating on site, as we have a newly refurbished restaurant, a coffee shop, a café and a fast food outlet. Remember we have picnic areas as well, allowing you to bring your own food into the park.

When is the park open?

We are open daily from 10.00am. We are open all year-round offering activities 361 days of the year.

What happens if it rains?

We are a wet weather attraction; a few things unfortunately do close in the rain in the interest of safety of our visitors. The following activities close in the rain, Baseball, Jumping Pillows and the inflatable slide. Our recommendation is to bring coat and spare clothes and get stuck in to the action.